Sallie Strand began her career first as a pastry chef, and later as a dietitian. With an artist father and an interior decorator mother, Sallie was infused with art and color from an early age. Though mostly self taught, Sallie continues to take master classes and workshops with professional artists such as Lisa Pressman, Rebecca Crowell, Tim Hawksworth and Steven Aimone.

Not surprisingly, Sallie finds many similarities between baking and painting and often uses many of those utensils to create textures through layering, mark making, and scraping.

Her many interests continue to inspire her as she continues to learns and grow. Sallie’s work reflects her personality in that it also is evolving. Continually in awe of the beauty and wonder in the world, her goal is to reflect that in her work, so that the viewer will be inspired, curious and smiling.

Sallie Strand lives and works at Lincoln Studios in Waltham. She loves to cook and continues to create new recipes to share with friends.